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�who am I: I'm a small town girl, living in the big city, learning to trust God. I married a wonderful, patient man, Stephen, in October of 2008 and we had our first child, Micah, in June 2014. I've been keeping this diary since I was 16 years old, so it has seen a lot of life with me!

�likes: singing my soul out, writing my heart out, learning new things, falling in love, helping people, thinking about life, talking things through, dancing

�dislikes: not knowing where I'm going, fighting, losing touch with friends, making mistakes

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Main Cast
11:23 p.m. || September 16, 2012

Main Cast

You can find a comprehensive cast page, with a complete list of (nearly) every person who has ever been mentioned in my journal, here. This is the abbreviated version with just the main characters.

Lead Man: My husband Stephen.
Lead Lady: Well, that would be me.
Munchkin: My son Micah, born in 2014.
Lead Feline: Genevieve, our gorgeous and sweet, but rather neurotic kitty.

Supporting Cast:
Grandma B: Stephen's grandma, who we live with.
Mom: My mom
Mom B: Stephen's mom.
Steve, or Dad B, Stephen's dad: Self-explanatory.
Sam: My sister
W and S: Will and Savannah, our best local friends.Grandma and Grandpa: My mom's parents, who helped my mom raise me and my sister.

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