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�who am I: I'm a small town girl, living in the big city, learning to trust God. I married a wonderful, patient man, Stephen, in October of 2008 and we had our first child, Micah, in June 2014. I've been keeping this diary since I was 16 years old, so it has seen a lot of life with me!

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10:13 p.m. || August 28, 2021

And I feel like I can't tell anyone publicly yet.

So here I am.

I'm really bummed about losing my sense of smell. And I might not get that back for months. :'''( On the other hand, maybe I'll lose weight? Smell and taste have a LOT to do with overeating for me.

I'm also bummed about not being able to leave my property for 10 days. What will I do with my kids?! I'm already sick to death of TV!!

I had really bad muscle pains and aches the last 4 days. I've been sleeping a lot. It's been nice.

Stephen is about a day behind me. The kids had fevers today and mild cold symptoms, but are doing pretty well.

My friend Heidi and her family have it, too. We're not sure who gave it to who, LOL.

I did a curbside pickup today at the library and realized I'm not even sure what I am actually allowed to do. Probably shouldn't have done the library pickup, whoops. But the librarian on the phone is the one who set up the appointment after I told her I had COVID, so....??? It's all very confusing.

Stephen signed up for a 30-day trial of Instacart, so we're using that for groceries for the time being. I also have several friends and family members who have offered to bring us things as we need them.

So yeah... That's where we're at. Never a dull moment! :)

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