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�who am I: I'm a small town girl, living in the big city, learning to trust God. I married a wonderful, patient man, Stephen, in October of 2008 and we had our first child, Micah, in June 2014. I've been keeping this diary since I was 16 years old, so it has seen a lot of life with me!

�likes: singing my soul out, writing my heart out, learning new things, falling in love, helping people, thinking about life, talking things through, dancing

�dislikes: not knowing where I'm going, fighting, losing touch with friends, making mistakes

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Dreams and Goals - 2004
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Dreams & Goals
9:16 p.m. || November 19, 2004

Things in bold are things I accomplished!!

Things I Want To Do

Go to an RK concert
Get a CD of Frank Sinatra
Dance without feeling self-conscious
See a real stage performance of Phantom of the Opera and Les Mis
Get RK's newest CD
Turn someone to Christ
Sell a piece of artwork
Have a good marriage :)
Be an example for young girls to follow everywhere
Paint a room
Publish an article in a magazine, like Brio
See the classic movies everybody talks about (e.g. Casablanca, Gone With the Wind, It's A Wonderful Life)
Read a French
Make it into an elite musical small group
Read the whole Bible
Visit a secluded waterfall
Visit a tropical waterfall
Read all the classics
Find a good lifetime girl friend
Make someone - just one person - feel REALLY special
Make guy friends - or at least one
Learn to finally trust God with EVERYTHING
Do one big solo in my life - well
Learn to let go
Swim in the ocean without being afraid
Be known largely for something (good)
Add color to a blah wall
Own a real crown
Have one big dress-up day to look truly look beautiful - gloves, sparkling earrings, hair up, gorgeous dress, perfect makeup
Purchase one of those glass sparkling things
Pay my grandparents back at least some for college
Get a job (that's not flipping burgers or cleaning toilets)
Find my career
Overcome my social awkwardness
Find the right color of lipstick! (LOL)
Become fluent in French
Make full use of my gift for encouragement
Own the whole Emily (L. M. Montgomery) series
Learn to take care of myself
Find the right guy
Learn not to settle for second best
Win something
Go on a mission trip to another country
Meet Cherie Ketchum again
Memorize a lot of lesser-known verses
Learn to cook
Learn basic housekeeping skills
Publish a story
Learn to swing dance
Learn to waltz
Plant a flower garden
Take a big risk
Meet one of my good online friends
See Michael W. Smith in person
Learn to salsa
Go to Paris
Go to the English countryside
Be okay with making mistakes
Learn to admit my mistakes
Learn to apologize
Sponsor a child
Stand under a waterfall
Swim in the pool of a waterfall
Get paid for a floral design of my own
Move back to a place where I can see lots of stars at night
Sing jazz again
Tell my grandparents how much they mean to me
See my mom trusting God
Live in an organized, coordinated house
Make jam
Pick fresh berries!
Can peaches
Make sweet pickles like Grandma Great N's - yum!
Have a dish that's classified as my "specialty" :)
Make cute cupcakes or other baked goods
Raise a healthy family

There will be more added to the list, I'm sure. Pretty good list, huh? I hope I do every one of the things on it.


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