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�who am I: I'm a small town girl, living in the big city, learning to trust God. I married a wonderful, patient man, Stephen, in October of 2008 and we had our first child, Micah, in June 2014. I've been keeping this diary since I was 16 years old, so it has seen a lot of life with me!

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2022 Friends Roll Call
7:10 p.m. || April 21, 2022

So glad this site is still up and running. LOL.

I have been meaning to add a few people/descriptions/thoughts from my circle somewhere.

Mainly I wanted to mention Mikaela. :)

Mikaela is about 10 years younger than me. She's petite, very pretty, and always has her makeup done perfectly on Sunday. I love her eyeliner. Her hair is wavy and short and usually highlighted. She has been married 7 years and has 5 kids--the first three are about 13 months apart each--and may or may not be done yet. Somehow she's still in pretty good shape. Her kids are all as beautiful as she is, as sweet as she is, and completely adorable, and I mean completely! I always smile when I see them at church. Mikaela's husband is a cop, so Stephen is always picking his brain for security stuff. They also recently started a homesteading kind of venture. Mikaela's mom homeschooled them--all 8 of them!

Basically, Mikaela's whole life is basically what I wish mine were. Especially the having a large family thing. I imagine she doesn't struggle with anxiety or depression. I used to keep her at an arms' length. Like, "Wow, isn't her life fabulous and perfect. What on earth would she see in me?" LOL.

Her oldest is 6 or 7 now, so she's just starting to think about homeschooling, so she's been coming to me to chat homeschool sometimes. Her mom was kind of the pioneer homeschooling generation, so she just picked whatever was available on the market back then, which was BJU Press and Abeka.

Her oldest also kind of adores Micah, and Micah adores her, so I invited Mikaela to join us at the children's museum for a playdate about a month ago so they could play together. It was a great chance to actually get to know her better, and where I learned 90% of the information I just shared. XD

Why am I writing about her? Well, because I think I'll try and pursue a friendship with her a bit more. Unfortunately, they live 45 minutes away, so playdates aren't really a thing unless we're meeting at the museum or a park down there, but at least I can talk to her on Sundays and maybe text or message every now and then.

Next is Kacey, another homeschooler. She is an interesting one. More of a mystery to me. Much more reserved and introverted. She was homeschooled along with her 4 older brothers--one of whom attends our church with his wife and their 4 kids. I always forget that they are related, though, because they both seem so different. Their parents used to attend our church, too, but they moved to be near one of their other sons. They seemed like a really sweet couple, especially the mom.

But Kacey is hard to reach and seems to carry some kind of baggage. I've seen her a couple of times talking to the older ladies at church and crying.

We went to their house once and Benji *will not* stop asking to come back because they have one amazing toy he loves. (*facepalm* Four year olds!) But I tried asking once, and while Kacey said we should, nothing has happened since then. I'm afraid to ask again. I suppose I better invite them to our house again to get things going.

Anyway, I'm quite sure she has anxiety, depression, some combination of the two. She mentioned once that her older brothers weren't very nice to her. Hmm. I wonder if she means something more than just normal brother-sister teasing and bullying. That might explain why her mom seems to carry some kind of baggage too.

The way to get her to open up is probably to be vulnerable myself. So I'll try sometime. At any rate, I'm glad she has the older ladies to talk to for now. She must miss her mom.

She has six kids, who are all VERY quiet and well-behaved in church. Her husband is almost as introverted as she is, but he's opened up to Stephen a bit, which is nice. He reminds me a little bit of Ed somehow. :) They are a whole family of readers and seem like a dream to homeschool. What I wouldn't give! LOL. But they are just very different than my ADHD munchkins. :)

Leslie. Another closed book! She tries, though. She has been in charge of, more or less, my Bible study for the last 5 years. (HOLY COW has it been that long?!) She tries very, very hard to reach outside of herself, but something always holds her back. Some kind of pain. I did learn that one of her sons has made a train wreck of his life, and that's heartbreaking. Much like Stephen's brother, Tim. Anyway, she is older, like 60 or so? But always dresses very cute/trendy for her age and I love that. She deals with anxiety and insomnia like me. And she's been very good about reaching out to me when she wants to check in with me, which is sweet.

Rebecca. This is a newer gal. She is married to a man from Cameroon who speaks French, which is SO fun for me. :D I heard her talking in French to her kids once. It was awesome!! Her kids are young yet, but she, I think, will homeschool also. Louis-Claude is such a fun, engaging personality. Rebecca is quiet, but seems more secure or grounded than others. She's also very tall! LOL.

Genna. I won't get to see her for much longer, but I do like her. She's also tall, haha. She and her husband are the international travel types. Their homeschooling will consist of going all around the world. Kinda jealous, buuuuut kinda not, haha. I'm a bit sad she'll be gone, though. Her husband is going to go to school in the midwest or somewhere and he'll be studying international relations. They're moving in July.

Geneva. Now here's an interesting gal. Also tall. Am I noticing a trend here? :P She has two teenage kids. Very gentle, calm family. Here's the crazy thing. She and her husband lived separately for, like, a couple years while they attended here! Turns out his job is of great interest to Stephen. He's back in town now, and Stephen is dying to have them over. :) Geneva's kids are SO sweet and I want to get to know her just to see how she raised her kids so well.

Okay. I think that's it for now. :D There are more, but my fingers are getting tired of typing and Benadryl is kicking in. (Getting over a cold.) It's good to finally get all my thoughts down!

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