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Lovely Church Experience
9:15 p.m. || October 22, 2023

So many thoughts.

Today I had a lovely experience after church.

But first, some context.

1. As soon as the boys got to the front door, there was a fight. Benji got hurt, hit Micah, and Micah socked him back. I had to physically hold them away from each other while we waited for Stephen!! (He was parking the car.) Heavens to Betsy, these boys!! (This is not an uncommon occurrence, sigh.)
2. During the confession prayer, Micah started sobbing. He was very repentant. (And the only audibly crying person in the entire church. BUT ANYWAY.)

So. After church, the boys went downstairs, Stephen went to chat with people, I cleaned up the papers, etc. This nice man sitting next to us cleaned up Stephen's coffee cup for me. I thanked him, and he took the opportunity to talk to me about Micah. "Does your son feel things strongly?" he asked. And we had this GREAT conversation about boys and their feelings and learning that it's okay to have those big feelings. It was really beautiful. The man (his name was Tim, he was about 50 or so) said he was a more sensitive kid and it took him until he was 40 years old to realize that that was okay. He was encouraged by my letting Micah feel, and I was encouraged by his being encouraged. LOL! And knowing a grown man who completely understood being extra sensitive. I mean, it was lovely.

So I had this great big smile on my face after our conversation was done. Just standing there gazing across the room, beaming for no apparent reason. LOL!

What was cool about this, was that apparently wearing a great big smile makes people talk to you. Because before I knew it, a lady named Ina, who I know, but have never really befriended, was chatting with me! What? Nobody ever talks to me after the service! It was so very sweet. It made me realize how my introvert face must scare people away from talking to me, haha. :)

Anyway.... It was a lovely and rather eye-opening day at church. I'm thankful. Our church is great. :)

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